Thursday, October 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club October 2012

I am in the Echo Creative Club this month, I was lucky enough to get a guest spot.  Jeannie sends us one of her beautiful beads and we create a piece of jewelry with it.  I told her I'd be happy with anything she sent and I wasn't disappointed.  Spiders usually make me run far away screaming but I'll make an exception for this one:

And here is the necklace I made with it.

I used Czech crystals and glass beads I bought at Bead and Button this year, and a Kumihimo rope that I had done but not finished and used in anything yet.  I'm not sure I like the clasp, I may change it if I find something that I like better. 

Thanks for looking, please check and see what everyone else did:

Michelle Buettner http://www,
Cindy Cima Edwards
Charlie Jacka


  1. Oh Kim that Kumo rope is beautiful and perfect for my Gin Blossom. The shape of the beads with the glint of gold give a real regal look. Thank you for participating in the guest spot this month.

  2. Oh,...I just love this! I always say that people that create w/seed beads amaze the daylights out of me! Your necklace is beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful necklace! That Kumihimo rope is amazing!

  4. Hi Kim,
    Oh wow I love the necklace all the colors go so well with each other. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful necklace Kim! I can't believe how perfectly your Kumihimo rope matches Jeannie's gin blossom! Love the colors!

  6. Pretty necklace, I just love these gin blossoms!

  7. I love your Kumihimo rope and this whole necklace!! Wonderful work!

  8. I love the regal purple color. The czech beads are great. Very retro looking. Such a pretty necklace! Enjoy the day. Erin