Monday, August 25, 2014

Answer Me This? 8/25/14

Tammie at TTE Designs has been doing an Answer Me This post on Monday's.  I thought I'd join her this week, it's the third one and I played along in her comments the first two.  I really like the idea and I'm glad she decided to continue it. 

Please consider playing along. You can answer on your own blog and link in the comments or just put your answers in the comments below for everyone to read.

Do you like reality TV, what shows do you watch?  Do you think  reality TV has gone too far?-
Yes I think it's gone way too far now.  But there are a few reality shows I still watch.  Hell's Kitchen, I did watch American Idol 2014 and I loved the combination of judges they had.  Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr were hilarious.  I also watch Bar Rescue.  My husband loves all the house flipping shows and Storage Wars.  However, there comes a time when your brain should say NO - that is bad, very, very bad.  We should not do that.  When they decided that Naked and Afraid was a good idea, I think the switch must have broken in the off position.     

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? 

Beer, the darker the better.  If I can chew it a little I am happy.  I also enjoy really dry red wine. 

Have you ever met any celebrities? 

Yes!  I met Ryne Sandberg at a Timber Rattlers game a few years ago.  I was so excited I couldn't talk, but he signed my Cubs hat and a picture I had of him.  I love the Cubs, and he is one of my favorite players!

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset, I am not a morning person and would really prefer not to be awake when the sun comes up. 

Worst present you ever got [and how did you react?]?  I have to say that I am very easy to buy for.  I don't get bad presents.  I am very fortunate that way.  I've had the odd thing I will never use from a grab bag, but that is about it.  
Most unusual forms of transportation you have ever used?  I don't have a good answer for this one, I haven't been in anything unusual. Cars, Train, Plane, Boat.  That's it.  My Mom and I watched the fireworks from a boat on Lake Michigan in Chicago for the 4th of July one year.  That was amazing. 

I can't wait to see what your answers are, thanks for playing.  Please take a look at Tammie's post here

And to thank you for reading all those words with no pictures here are two basset photos:
 Hal and Heidi

 Hal and Wulfgang

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  1. Great Post Kim, Thanks for playing along, I too prefer not to be awake at sunrise. Cute puppies! :-D