Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiny Tin Challenge

Valentine Challenge 

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Michelle Mach is hosting the Tiny Tin challenge today.  We purchased two tins, one large and one small, and had to decorate one of them any way we wanted to, or turn them into something else completely.

I haven't done much with papercrafting in a while, except for card making classes that I take when I can.  I wanted to do something with the beautiful paper I have been hoarding. I also thought I'd add some of the buttons I had left over from the button swap blog hop.
Large Tin

Small Tin
I didn't want to change anything on that pretty patterned paper, I thought it was perfect.

Here are some shots of the sides:

I sealed them with Mod Podge.  I think I will probably add resin to the top of the small.  The buttons on the large one are too high to do that (if you have suggestions on how to do it, let me know).

Then I thought I'd try coloring the edge on the tops with my Spectrum Noir markers.  They are alcohol based markers, like Copic markers but much more affordable and they come in a huge range of colors.  Thanks to Brenda Sue from B'sue Boutiques I knew they would work on metal if they were cured with a heat gun. I think I'll do another coat since they look a little streaky in the picture.
I really like the way it looks though with the extra color on the edge.

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  1. Hi Kim,
    You tins are beautiful. I like how you used buttons with the paper on the large tin. The small tin is very pretty with the flower.

  2. Those are so nice! The flower one looks like a little treasure box. A special place to put a very meaningful thing.

  3. I love the papers you used on these. They would just bring a smile to my face, sitting on my desk.

  4. I love that you used vintage buttons! The flower on the tiny tin is lovely, reminds me of crewel work. I like that you also decorated the sides. I am going to look for the markers you mentioned, that looks like fun!

  5. I love the buttons and the papers and the edge detail. I am still waiting for my Spectrum Noir markers, and now you have made me glad I bought them! These tins remind me of mornings in the country, cool and beautiful!

  6. Sweet! You can always do what Michelle did and just pour the resin in the well so the buttons are sitting in it instead of covered.Loving those markers!

  7. Very pretty tins! I agree with you that the color around the edges really makes the designs pop. If you want to add resin to the button tin you might consider a polymer clay bezel - baked separately as the buttons might not care for even a low temp baking. Nice job. Dawn

  8. Very nice! I see we both were bitten by the button bug with our tins!

    One thing you can try with ICE Resin is to pour a little on top, maybe barely getting the edges of the buttons covered, and let it set. Then pour a second round of resin on top in the center. That would be the doming layer. ICE Resin will automatically create a domed surface. You don't want to pour too much resin all at once because it will spill over the sides and it is an absolute mess to try and clean. (Yes, I learned the hard way on that one!) If you think it still might spill over the edges of the tin, you can put something like clear packing tape around the edges of the tin and just pull it away when the resin is good and dry.

    Thanks for joining the challenge!

  9. They are both really cute. I especially love the buttons. I like what you did with the paint pens, too, I can't wait to try those!

  10. Such fun tins - I love the papers you chose, and the addition of the ink is the perfect finishing touch - beautiful! :)

  11. Sweet! Love the buttons. I kinda like the "streaky" look it adds to their charm.