Thursday, August 1, 2013


After we lost Gunter, Wulfgang was very depressed.  We were really worried about him, he'd never really been by himself.  We took Gunter to see him every weekend while he was still with the breeder, and when we brought him home, they were inseparable.  So we decided we needed to look for another basset, even though neither one of us really felt ready.  We looked but didn't see any that really clicked for us.  Then a friend of mine posted this picture of a basset available through a local rescue on my Facebook page. 
I saw that face and that was it.  We went to see her after work that night (it was a Thursday) and arranged to pick her up that Saturday.  We had to wait that long because she had just been spayed and they needed to keep her until Saturday morning.  We brought her home and Wulfie was so much happier right away, it's amazing how much just having her helped.  She is my velcro dog now, and follows me everywhere.  She's very sweet, a little nuts and really playful.  She gets along great with Wulfie and the cats. 

I took this one the day we brought her home, and did the background on my phone.

She loves to roll in the grass, and run around and play.  She's good for Wulfie because he loves to sleep!  I took these while they were playing at my friend's house:

I caught Wulfie as he was barking.

This is a picture my husband took of her when we went to see her at the rescue.  I forgot how skinny she was, poor girl.  It's amazing how much of a difference a few months and lots of love make.  She has helped all of us as much as we helped her.


  1. Hurray for the magical healing power of basset hounds! Congratulations on your new dog!

    1. They do have magical healing powers! I think it's all the drool.....