Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jasper and Pearl Challenge

I have another challenge for you today, from Lisa at Pine Ridge Treasures.  She sent us a yummy package of jasper and glass pearls, and we had to make something with it.  I remembered again to take a before photo, I believe I am on a roll:

 I love that burnt orange color of the jasper, it's one of my favorite colors.  I thought the white pearls were too small to pair with the larger jasper beads, so I found some larger cream colored pearls (also from Lisa) in my stash.  They were just the right size.  I made a necklace with them.

Then I used the white pearls along with the faceted jasper rondelles in a bracelet.  

Here are the two pieces together.

 And here is the collage I did for the Facebook group:

Please check out the Facebook group to see what the other members did. Thanks for stopping by!

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