Friday, February 6, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday - Week 1

I decided to try something new, and join one of Sally Russick's photo challenges.   This one is a mini challenge called Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday.  It lasts for 15 days, and we have a prompt for each day.  We take pictures that we feel go along with the prompt and then every 5 days we post our pictures.  This is the first week, and I should warn you if you are new to my blog - there will be Basset Hound pictures on my posts.  Probably Lots of them. Be prepared for extreme cuteness.

Day 1, Reflection:

This is my Günter.  He was my first Basset Hound.  He's been on my mind a lot lately because his birthday is this month, and March will be 2 years ago that we lost him - he was 7.  He was my heart dog and I miss him a lot.  My wonderful in-laws sent us this beautiful picture and poem after he passed away.

Day 2, Wrapping:

I did warn you about the Bassets.  This is Heidi.  I end up wrapping her up in a blanket and tucking her in nearly every night as she snuggles next to me on the couch.  She is a sweet girl and this picture just makes me smile.

Day 3, Kitchen Ritual: 

Every morning, I have coffee in this awesome mug (yes I am slightly obsessed).  The mug is from Barbara Donovan's Etsy shop.  I love her work.  Of course I have to drink Basset coffee in it.  My favorite coffee is from Moon Doggie, Their coffee is amazing, and it makes my morning a lot better.  The bags behind the mug are Tiramisu and Budderscotch Toffee. Yum!  They donate to Basset Rescue and have amazing coffee.  It's a win all around.

Day, 4 Paper:

These are my favorite (right now) scrapbook papers.  I want to use them and yet I don't because then they will be gone.  Maybe I will just look at them a little longer.  

Day 5, Repetitive Pattern:   

This is a necklace I'm doing for a friend's birthday present.  15 ovals.  I am putting it together tomorrow and she'll get it Saturday.  I am a little tired of ovals right now, but I think she will like it. The pattern for this is in Diane Fitzgerald's book Shaped Beadwork.  I really love this book, it's awesome.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures, please take a look at what the other participants came up with for the prompts.  Don't forget to join me on 2/11 for the next post!


  1. Ahh...the bassets are too cute. I am sorry about your loss - losing our fur babies is not fun. I think about my Chai all the time.
    Heidi is just darling all wrapped up and ready to snuggle down with you.
    And your mug is AWESOME!!!!

  2. Puppies sure do have a way of wrapping our hearts with their everlasting unconditional love. Sorry for the loss of one of your fur babies. The necklace is going to be gorgeous lucky friend.

  3. My Dachshund loves to be wrapped up too! So sorry you lost him so young :(

  4. Lovely pictures! So sweet! Your necklace is going to be fabulous, I love that book too.

  5. What lovely photos, Heidi looks like such a cutie and your mug is fantastic!

  6. You had fun with this one, I am sure. Your memory pictures are a sweet way to keep Gunter with you always.

  7. Love that we both have the puppy dogs for the wrapping photo and your photo of the ovals, definitely a great example of repetitive pattern. Beautiful photos!! I hope you will post a finished pic of the necklace.

  8. There is something about a Bassett that just brings a smile to my face. And your beadwork is gorgeous. I don't have that particular book and love Diane's designs. I may need to track it down. I also covet your wonderful beading board.

  9. I agree with Paula, there is something about Bassetts that makes one smile. Love the shots and your "wrapped" one is tooo cute. We to have to wrap our dog, Labrador, in at night for her to go to sleep.....and I think too, I may have to check out that book...I love all books to do with seed beading.

  10. Dogs are the best! I have a pit bull-boxer mix who I love more than words can say and each night we wrap her into her blanket on her bed before turning in. I am intrigued by what you are creating in your repetitive pattern photo-hope to see the results!