Saturday, February 28, 2015

Creative Jewelry Challenge #1: Make a Statement

Today is the reveal for the Creative Jewelry Challenge, hosted by Sally Russick.  We were challenged to make a statement piece. I knew right away what I wanted to do.  Last July, Brian (my dh) bought me some beautiful blue agate druzy beads.  A strand of 20mm and a gorgeous focal.  Blue is my favorite color, and I love a druzy.  He thought that I could make a piece with them to put on my shop banner and business cards.  Have I mentioned that he is awesome?  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, so they've sat and I've thought.  Then I saw some pave beads in a destash group that I'm in on Facebook.  Everything clicked at that point, and here is what I did:

Here is a close up of that beautiful focal.  I love it.  I couldn't have picked out better beads myself.

And one more shot of the necklace.  

I made it long - 24 inches.  I love long necklaces.  I have enough of the 20mm beads to make a bracelet, and I think I will make some earrings with my leftover pave beads.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made, please check out the other participants and see what they did!

Sally Russick
Kim Dworak   <----you are here!
Terri Gauthier
Elizabeth Bergesen
Karin Grosset Grange
Paula Kramer
Patti Vanderbloemen
Therese Frank
Beth McCord
Niky Sayers 


  1. Gorgeous, Kim. Until you make those matching earrings, I am pretty sure you have some blue earrings that would go with your wonderful necklace.

    1. Thank you Susan, and I do have a beautiful pair of blue earrings from a very talented artist that I can wear with this :-)

  2. Great minds - blue is my favorite color, too! :) This is one gorgeous focal, as are the beads! Love the pave!!! There is just something very elegant about blue and silver!

  3. Oh my! Oh my!!! Kim, this is such a gorgeous necklace and my mouth dropped open over how beautiful the focal and beads are, what a STUNNING blue!! Royalty worthy!

    Thank you so much for participating and I hope you can make the next challenge, too!!

  4. Wow - I love those blues and the silver just makes it pop! Love that focal stone - what a beautiful piece for yourself!

  5. Just wonderful! Blue is my favorite color too and if it weren't, it would be after seeing those magnificent beads that received your magic! Even more amazing is they were a gift from Brian - he sounds like a truly special guy. The closest my hubby will venture to a bead store is if they have a tavern close by...... Really a beautiful necklace!

  6. Long necklace are a fav of mine too. Love what you've done here! This electric blue necklace is a show stopper!

  7. Beautiful piece, and right up my alley: long, blue, bold and gorgeous :) Love it!

  8. Your blue necklace is beautiful! just simple enpugh to really show off the beads, yet an outstanding design.

  9. What a beautiful necklace I love the druzy and such a lovely colour.

  10. Beautiful! I love the blues and silver....looks so cool and inviting to wear. Excellent job.

  11. I love your design...and wow that color! It's a beautiful statement.

  12. Very Pretty, Kim!