Friday, April 27, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop

Today I'm joining in the Messy Workshop blog hop that Brenda Sue from B'sue Boutiques is organizing.  When she originally posted asking for people that were interested, I didn't even have to think about joining in.  I can't work neat.  I've tried, it lasts for about 15 minutes then I have everything spread out all over the place where I can see it better.  It also doesn't help that I have severe Craft ADD.  I crochet, bead, do lampwork (not good enough yet to show off) and scrapbook/make cards.  Beading is my favorite out of everything though.  I've started bead embroidery and stitching, and I'm trying to resist metalwork.  I also just started working with polymer clay.  I usually work in the living room, either at the dining room table (we very rarely eat there) or on the couch while I'm watching TV.  My husband just bought me a really nice swing for the backyard, once it gets warmer I hope to do a lot of beading out there.

So here it goes, if messy makes you twitch you should probably go read a different blog:

Here is my current mess, and Ninja who likes to help/supervise.

These are buttons that I received in the Button Swap I'm doing, they are from my wonderful partner Jayne.  I love them!  I may have told her my favorite color is blue.  You can never have too much blue.  I'll be working on these this weekend.

This is a druzy my husband bought me for my birthday.  I just did the necklace not the wire wrapping.  Amethyst is one of my favorite stones.
Here is the first part of a set of earrings I'm working on, I have a friend that adores pink.  And the other piece is going to be a necklace focal.  The rings were from Shannon at Miss FickleMedia, I LOVE her shop.  Marcie Abney shared the tutorial on her blog a while ago for these.

These are earring I just finished, with Twin beads and Czech crystals.  Sorry about the crappy picture, I ran out of daylight. 
I was playing with my cuttlebug and the new Vintaj embossing folders, A couple of them turned out nice so I'm going to play with their patina inks next.  It took a few times to figure out the right combination of plates to get the right pressure on them.  
These are some lampwork beads I got at a kind of local (2 hours away) bead store.  They had a lot of artist lampwork there.  These need to be a bracelet and earrings.  They've been telling me that since I bought them.
And finally here is Stevie.  He knows he's beautiful, but he doesn't mind hearing it a lot!  He also tries to help/supervise.  And he really likes to pounce on Ninja while he's sitting in the middle of the table.  You can imagine the disaster that happens after that.  Mostly now I stack my trays and put them on something high when I'm done.  

I hope you enjoyed my mess, please take a look at what everyone else has to say:

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