Saturday, February 28, 2015

Creative Jewelry Challenge #1: Make a Statement

Today is the reveal for the Creative Jewelry Challenge, hosted by Sally Russick.  We were challenged to make a statement piece. I knew right away what I wanted to do.  Last July, Brian (my dh) bought me some beautiful blue agate druzy beads.  A strand of 20mm and a gorgeous focal.  Blue is my favorite color, and I love a druzy.  He thought that I could make a piece with them to put on my shop banner and business cards.  Have I mentioned that he is awesome?  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, so they've sat and I've thought.  Then I saw some pave beads in a destash group that I'm in on Facebook.  Everything clicked at that point, and here is what I did:

Here is a close up of that beautiful focal.  I love it.  I couldn't have picked out better beads myself.

And one more shot of the necklace.  

I made it long - 24 inches.  I love long necklaces.  I have enough of the 20mm beads to make a bracelet, and I think I will make some earrings with my leftover pave beads.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made, please check out the other participants and see what they did!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Days 11 to 15‏

This is the last post for this round of Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday, with Sally Russick.  I have had a great time with this and am looking forward to doing it again.

Day 11, Macro:

 Do you know what this is?  You'll see the rest of it later in this post.

Day 12, Temptation:

These are amazing chocolate covered cherries.  Amazing.  The best I've ever had.  I got them for Christmas and as you can see, there is only one left.

Day 13, Sweetness:

Living in WI and being a Bears fan is not easy.  But Walter will ALWAYS be Sweetness to me.

 Day 14, Love:

 This is Hal.  He is 13, and we adopted him last January after fostering him for a couple of months.  He is the sweetest dog I've ever had.  He's singing in this picture (howling).  Every day with him is a gift.

Day 15, Togetherness:

This is my husband and Heidi.  I thought it was perfect for the prompt.  The look on her face says it all.

Please don't forget to see what everyone else came up with for the prompts, and if you want to join, just add your link below:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Days 6 to 10‏

Here I am again joining up with Sally Russick for Ordinary Extraordinary Days.  I have days 6 through 10 for you today.  Here we go:

Day 6, Minimal:

 This is one of my Granny Great's (that's what we called her when we were little) wine glasses.  They are beautiful, and I think of her every time I use them.  And my thanks to Shari for giving me the idea for this picture, because I really didn't have a clue what to do with the prompt.

Day 7, Daily Chaos:

This is my alarm clock, and it's what starts my daily chaos every morning.  It's a sunrise alarm, which really helps me because I have a hard time waking up when it's dark outside.  I am not a morning person - ask anyone.

Day 8, Words:

This is my favorite picture of Brian and I from our wedding, in my favorite frame.  I love the saying on it.  This year will be 16 years for us in May.

 Day 9, Night Time Calm:

This is Wülfgang at the top, and George on the bottom.  Wülfgang will be 8 this year, George will be 17.    Wulfie is the best cuddling dog in the world.  George sleeps with him a lot, usually much closer than this.

Day 10, Outside:

The only editing I did to this picture was to crop a bit of the corner off, where the house was showing.  It was sleeting Tuesday night and I pointed the camera straight up and shot the picture with the flash on.  Pretty cool, the laser beams were completely unexpected.

And I'd like to show you a bonus picture, I was asked by a couple of people in the comments from Friday to share a picture of the completed necklace (repetitive pattern).  Here it is:

I am really happy with the way it turned out, and so was my friend.  Pattern is from Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork.

Don't forget to come back on 2/16 for the last post in this series!

Thank you so much for stopping by, please take a look at the other participants and if you want to link up with your own post, there is an InLinkz tool below:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Checkerboard Blog Hop

I am joining Lisa at Pine Ridge Treasures again for the Checkerboard Blog Hop.  I really love Lisa's hops.  She sends us a great selection of beads and I love a challenge.  I did take a picture of the beads I received in the kit before I started, here is what I received.

I just love the flowers.  Red is not one of my favorite colors, so this was a true challenge for me.  I ended up with two necklaces, I used up almost all of the beads. 

I had some pretty white crystals, and a black and white cameo focal, so I put this together.  

Now I needed to use those red beads.  And I wanted to put the flowers with them somehow.  This is what I came up with:

Here are both of them together:

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you like what I did, please stop by the other participants to see what they created with their beads!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday - Week 1

I decided to try something new, and join one of Sally Russick's photo challenges.   This one is a mini challenge called Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday.  It lasts for 15 days, and we have a prompt for each day.  We take pictures that we feel go along with the prompt and then every 5 days we post our pictures.  This is the first week, and I should warn you if you are new to my blog - there will be Basset Hound pictures on my posts.  Probably Lots of them. Be prepared for extreme cuteness.

Day 1, Reflection:

This is my Günter.  He was my first Basset Hound.  He's been on my mind a lot lately because his birthday is this month, and March will be 2 years ago that we lost him - he was 7.  He was my heart dog and I miss him a lot.  My wonderful in-laws sent us this beautiful picture and poem after he passed away.

Day 2, Wrapping:

I did warn you about the Bassets.  This is Heidi.  I end up wrapping her up in a blanket and tucking her in nearly every night as she snuggles next to me on the couch.  She is a sweet girl and this picture just makes me smile.

Day 3, Kitchen Ritual: 

Every morning, I have coffee in this awesome mug (yes I am slightly obsessed).  The mug is from Barbara Donovan's Etsy shop.  I love her work.  Of course I have to drink Basset coffee in it.  My favorite coffee is from Moon Doggie, Their coffee is amazing, and it makes my morning a lot better.  The bags behind the mug are Tiramisu and Budderscotch Toffee. Yum!  They donate to Basset Rescue and have amazing coffee.  It's a win all around.

Day, 4 Paper:

These are my favorite (right now) scrapbook papers.  I want to use them and yet I don't because then they will be gone.  Maybe I will just look at them a little longer.  

Day 5, Repetitive Pattern:   

This is a necklace I'm doing for a friend's birthday present.  15 ovals.  I am putting it together tomorrow and she'll get it Saturday.  I am a little tired of ovals right now, but I think she will like it. The pattern for this is in Diane Fitzgerald's book Shaped Beadwork.  I really love this book, it's awesome.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures, please take a look at what the other participants came up with for the prompts.  Don't forget to join me on 2/11 for the next post!