Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beading Babes - Project 5

I recently joined a group called Beading Babes.  It was started by Karyn.  She picks a couple of projects each round, everyone makes one and then does a blog post or posts on the Facebook group on the reveal date.  This is the first project I've done for our group, I joined just as they were doing the reveal for the last one.

This time we could choose from two projects, Echos of Nefertiti (Bead and Button June/July 2012)  or the Four Leaf Clover Cuff , both created by the very talented Helena Tang-Lim.  I did the Four Leaf Clover bracelet, the pattern is available at her website, as well as kits for the Nefertiti necklace.

Here is the one I did, I used Swarovski Coral Pearls, matte forest green and gold seed beads.  I love the way it turned out. 

The pattern for the cuff is very easy to read and works up pretty fast, even for a beginner.  I loved working with it and I'm doing another one right now.  I can't post a picture though because it's a surprise for someone that reads my blog, and she will know it's for her as soon as she sees it.

Thanks for coming to visit, I will leave you with some puppy love for the rest of your weekend!
 That is my Gunter a few days after we brought him home (he is 6 now).