Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Heart Macro - EEEK!

I am trying something new today, linking up to Lori at Studio Waterstone today for I Heart macro: close up photo fun for macro makers and the camerologically challenged - which certainly includes me!

Anyone that knows me will be floored that I actually took this picture.  I still feel like I have things crawling on me (I HATE spiders) but this one has been putting a web up every day and I feel like anything that posseses that much patience should be recognized.

I was mowing the lawn last week and had to go around the web, it had the backyard blocked off from the front yard.  There was no way I was actually getting close enough to take the web down.  ick.

Here is some fuzzy caterpillar love for you to take away the icky spider feeling:

studio waterstone


  1. Ekkkk yes that is huge. But I have more goosebumps with the second photo ^_^

    I Heart Macro

  2. wow that's a BIG icky but great picture! Fuzzy caterpillar did help :)

  3. eek is right, that is one nasty spider....but great shot of him....

  4. Thank you! I actually took this, I have no gift for photography (that is my husband) but I'm trying to get better for good jewelry shots. I was surprised it turned out so well.

  5. Congratulations, Kim on your winning bid for the Frosted Berries bracelet. Thank you very much for your genorosity to help a fellow artisan in need. I plan to get the bracelet in the mail to you tomorrow. Thanks again and enjoy this joyful season!

  6. Hi Kim!
    Wanted to stop by and thank you for dropping in! I really liked the infinity suggestion as well! Such a challenge!